EWL News – We’re Rocking A New Look For Our Third Year

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img_0319It’s our third year of operation and our second since EWL Club UK officially launched January last year.

With our new year comes a brand new look!

Our new logo, a circle of two halves – the two sides of the Industry – represents suppliers and buyers coming together to learn, support and encourage each other for the benefit of all, and purple and black, both colours indicating bravery, boldness, quality and strength.

Looking for a concept that really drove engagement we adopted the campfire session and mastermind group when we founded and for our first event in April 2015, as well as enforcing the un-networking concept, the art of leading with ourselves and not our business cards.

All three are rapidly becoming the three big buzz words of 2017 so it’s the right time for EWL to reinforce the brand and concept that has made our event programme invaluableĀ to our members.

We’ll be making a few tweaks, and you can expect a few personal touches as we push forward as the industry leader for mastermind group events and networking.

All of our events from this year onwards will very simply be named mastermind lunches or coffee mornings, sending a very clear strong message of what we do, and that’s encouraging our members to share their knowledge and experience with their peers whilst we provide the perfect platform for them to do so.

What’s a mastermind group and event? Simply a meeting of highly motivated professionals who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve.

The backdrop and imagery for our new look? You, our members! The driving force behind everything we do here at EWL, your voice, your network, your future!

Our event content will also continue to be driven and led by you. You tell us the topics you’d like to see covered and we’ll do the rest.

Finally we have a very clear strap line and message this year “It’s all about relationships”.

“That’s because it is all about relationships.”

With the current climate of new technology, innovation and disruption, and a few added economic uncertainties, never more so than now do we need the power of our networks and relationships with our peers.

EWL is all about building stronger relationships and making better connections… after all people buy people!

So what are your thoughts, do you like the new look and vision?

Leave us your comments and feedback below…

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