Realise Launches First Event Apprentice Training Programme

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david-prestonThe first fully recognised and industry created apprenticeship training programme has been launched today by Realise. The programme, which has been developed by long term industry trainers David Preston and Richard John, is ready to use and follows on from the announcement of hiring of the first event apprentice.

The company behind the training programme has been created by David Preston, who was part of the development team for the apprenticeship Standard and has a thirty-year industry background, including running global events programmes for organisations such as IBM and Kaspersky Labs. David has joined forces with industry training expert Richard John, to create the industry’s first specialist training company that will support event apprentices.

“The apprenticeship movement in the UK events industry is really starting to gather pace,” commented Mark Riches, who chaired the industry’s development of an event apprenticeship through the government’s Trailblazers initiative. “We have a bona fide, government apprenticeship scheme, we’ve got the first event apprentice in place, and now we have the first comprehensive training programme, it’s great news for the industry.”

The new programme is positioned at level 3, broadly equating to A levels, and is open to UK residents aged 16 and over. It is positioned to be relevant across event management companies, exhibition organisers, third party agencies, venues, hotels and many other businesses within the events supply chain.

“it’s an 18-month programme, which has been created and approved by the government and is ready to support the first event apprentices,” David explained. “The syllabus is a combination of structured workplace learning and assessment, supported by a blended learning programme of online development and participation at specialist workshops. The material is designed to give a practical grounding for a career in event management that is designed to lead to an ongoing job upon completion.”

For apprentices, the programme offers the benefit of earning while learning. And, with the Government funding the majority of the training and development element, it also means avoiding

the burden of student loans. For employers, there can be no complaint that the training isn’t relevant as they have been integral in designing the new Standard. And, with companies now paying an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5% on payrolls that exceed £3 million annually, the incentive to take on an event apprentice becomes far more compelling.

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