Partner News: Apprenticeship in Events Management passes milestone, getting closer to full Government approval

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apprenticeships-logoThe event industry’s Trailblazer Scheme has reached the final stage of a long process to gain government approval and finally allow employers to hire Apprentice event managers.

The milestone saw the formal submission for the Assessment Plan of an Events Assistant submitted for final government approval yesterday.

Harriet Bullen, Account Executive at First Protocol who is coordinating the Industry Scheme, said “This final milestone was preceded by a huge amount of work by members of the industry group who have shaped not only the Standard for this Apprenticeship Scheme, but also how the Assessment Phase will work. Special thanks must go to our industry supporters, plus the industry charity ‘Springboard’, the team at DRP, and our potential training providers Catch 22, Creative Pioneers, and Outsource.”

The Industry Advisory Board, who met in April at the InterCon London, have shaped the work undertaken in these four months, giving direction for how this Apprenticeship Scheme will work. Mark Riches, Chair of the Industry Advisory Board, said “we eagerly await approval by Government on this final milestone of our industry scheme. Approval means we can finalise our training providers, launch the industry website for our apprenticeship scheme, and more importantly start to employ Apprentice Event Assistants. It is an exciting moment in this 18-month process, and indeed a brilliant cross-industry effort to future-proof the skills of people in our industry”.

It is estimated that Government will take 6-weeks to review the Assessment submission, prior to providing a clear answer to whether it has been approved, meaning the scheme could be rolled-out as planned this September.

If you haven’t as yet become involved in the Industry Advisory Board, or would like further information about this proposed scheme, please contact Harriet at or 020-7887-5995.

Finally it is really valuable for the Advisory Board to understand how many apprentices are forecasted to enrol this year, in order to accurately inform training providers and other partners. Accordingly, we are looking for an indication from employers as who would take on an Events Assistant Apprenticeship, and indeed, how many. All indications to Harriet please; details above.

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