EWL Club New Year Social and Launch Party… in pictures!

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Oh what a night! What a great way to kick-start 2016, with the official launch of EWL Club on Monday evening.

80 event professionals and EWL members joined us on the night. Huge thanks to everyone who came, as well as our event partners; M by Montcalm, Conference Badges, Tweetwall Pro, Viva Live Music, AroundThen, Raccoonn London and Noonah Dream Mirror, we couldn’t have done it without you!

A great evening was had by all, did you make the gallery below?

EWL Club-1 EWL Club-2 EWL Club-3 EWL Club-4 EWL Club-5 EWL Club-6 EWL Club-8 EWL Club-9 EWL Club-10 EWL Club-11 EWL Club-12 EWL Club-13 EWL Club-14 EWL Club-15 EWL Club-16 EWL Club-17 EWL Club-18 EWL Club-19 EWL Club-20 EWL Club-21 EWL Club-22 EWL Club-23 EWL Club-24 EWL Club-25 EWL Club-26 EWL Club-27 EWL Club-28

EWL Club-29 EWL Club-30 EWL Club-31 EWL Club-32 EWL Club-33 EWL Club-34 EWL Club-35 EWL Club-36 EWL Club-37 EWL Club-38 EWL Club-39 EWL Club-40 EWL Club-41 EWL Club-42 EWL Club-43 EWL Club-44 EWL Club-45 EWL Club-46 EWL Club-47 EWL Club-48 EWL Club-49 EWL Club-50 EWL Club-51 EWL Club-52 EWL Club-53 EWL Club-54 EWL Club-55 EWL Club-56 EWL Club-57 EWL Club-58 EWL Club-60 EWL Club-61 EWL Club-62 EWL Club-65 EWL Club-66 EWL Club-67 EWL Club-68 EWL Club-69 EWL Club-70 EWL Club-71 EWL Club-72 EWL Club-73 EWL Club-74 EWL Club-75 EWL Club-76 EWL Club-77 EWL Club-78 EWL Club-79 EWL Club-80 EWL Club-81 EWL Club-82 EWL Club-83 EWL Club-84 EWL Club-85 EWL Club-86 EWL Club-87 EWL Club-88 EWL Club-89 EWL Club-90 EWL Club-92 EWL Club-93 EWL Club-94 EWL Club-95 EWL Club-96 EWL Club-97 EWL Club-98 EWL Club-99 EWL Club-100 EWL Club-101 EWL Club-102 EWL Club-103 EWL Club-104 EWL Club-105 EWL Club-106 EWL Club-107 EWL Club-108 EWL Club-109 EWL Club-110 EWL Club-111

One thought on “EWL Club New Year Social and Launch Party… in pictures!

    […] The first EWL Club New Year Social and our official Launch Party, sponsored by Searcys at the stunning M by Montcalm. Fantastic evening attended by near to 100 event professionals, check out the blog here! […]


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