Mobile Apps: Optimise Your Events

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Luke Glen, Key Account Lead UK for DoubleDutch, will join us in November to provide insight on how we can use trends provided by attendee data to optimise our events, and we’re in the stunning private dining room at Malmaison’s Chez Mal, not to be missed!

Mobile Event Apps aren’t a new concept to event organisers or attendees anymore. They are a convenient central resource for event details, that engages attendees and offers real-time updates. However, do event organisers know how to use apps to optimise their future events?

Application of insights derived from event apps is quickly becoming the difference-maker in the industry, using trends to optimise events and data to prove their event is worth the investment.

Event app data is not as daunting as it sounds and is actually quite helpful if you know how to use it. Through data, organisers can easily identify trending topics and evaluate speakers, get helpful feedback from surveys and polls, identify social influencers, and quickly respond to happenings on the event floor.

For example, data provided from the highest (or lowest) bookmarked speakers in the app, implies how popular a session is so that furniture, catering and staffing are planned ahead of time, therefore avoiding on-site issues. Post-session, attendees are prompted to rate these presentations via the app, where the results show how well the speaker resonated. This indicates which speakers and sessions are the most popular, and should be considered for future event programmes as to stay relevant to your audience.

As many organisers produce events that rely on growing attendee numbers, third-party endorsements can increase awareness and the number of people through the door. Through event app data, organisers can identify unknown social influencers that are popular in the community, through attendees with the most likes, followers, and views. Finding these social influencers can impact the growth of the event, as organisers can now make valuable connections with influential industry voices.

Worried about sorting through mazes of data spreadsheets to find the answers? The event analytics dashboard pulls this real-time information for you from the app, so you can view popular speakers, presentations, attendees, trending topics and survey results in a graphic view. This allows for easy identification of trends and issues happening at your event, without having to guess on attendee satisfaction or if there’s enough wine at the networking hour.

There are so many smart ways to use app analytics- which we will review more during the EWL lunch at the Malmaison London Chez Mal on November 20th.

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Author –Luke Glen, Key Account Lead UK for DoubleDutch

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