Announcing EWL Club’s Inaugural ‘Women in Events’ Lunch

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We are delighted to announce that the EWL Club ‘Inaugural lunch’ will be held at the luxurious Boyds Brasserie Bar & Lounge on Friday 17th April 2015. The chosen topic for our lunch will be ‘Women in Events’.

Gender equality in the workplace has been a big topic for a number of years however, the subject of equal pay and percentage of women at board level is receiving even more press and media attention of late and is proving to be a hot topic in the events industry particularly with the launch of Faye Sharpe’s FastForward15. We’re hoping to generate some great conversation and as our lunch isn’t aimed solely at women it’ll be fantastic to hear the thoughts of both men and women around the table.

Some of the things we’ll be discussing include:

1. Perception vs Reality? – What is the perception in business and the events industry of women’s aspirations and what is the reality?

2. What makes women in business and events unique? – Are there things that women bring to the table that men don’t, or is it simply not a question of gender but of us as individuals.

3. Confidence? – Is it true that women lack confidence in comparison to their male counterparts and should be ‘bragging’ more about their achievements?

4. Women’s role in business and events – We’ll be exploring how our male colleagues and peers can support and foster change and what can be achieved ‘together’ for gender equality in the future.

Unashamedly British, Boyds delivers quality food and service in opulent surroundings, with a nod to its Victorian heritage, but with none of the stuffiness that might imply.

Located only a short stroll from Trafalgar Square, Boyds Brasserie Bar & Lounge is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Their menu focuses on smart British fare accompanied by the highest quality wines. It’s the perfect backdrop for our launch!

There are only a couple of places left for our Inaugural lunch. If you would like to join the conversation and create some great connections you can email us at

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